Handmade Intention Kit - New Lotus design

$ 50.00

A handcrafted way to set intentions, activate inner guidance, and invite synchronicity. 

Decoupaged by hand with an original lotus art design, this unique, sustainably-crafted kit lets you set intentions with a whole new level of ease and put your worries in a better place. It also helps you grow your inner guidance by using a simple tracking system for intentions and outcomes. 

Inspired by ideas in Tosha Silver's book Outrageous Openness, this kit was designed for use with the "offer it" practice shown below:

Handmade in the USA with sustainably sourced maple, the boxes are decoupaged with art prints, handmade Nepalese Lokta paper, and paint. 


Handmade Divine box. Offer up any dream or concern you have to your higher power by writing it down and putting it in this box. The box mandala is based on an Indian design for divine purity. 

Handmade Gratitude box. When something you've put in the Divine box feels resolved, celebrate by moving that little piece of paper to the Gratitude box. Looking back through your Gratitude box cultivates self-trust and spiritual trust.  

Raffia-wrapped intention papers to write on, perfectly sized for the boxes.

Wee little kit description card, especially nice to include when you are giving these boxes as a gift.

The Intention + Gratitude practice how-to sheet. Printed on recycled cardstock. The 4-step illustration above is on one side and how-to tips are on the other side.

BONUS! Natural Citrine crystal. This small stone is the color of sunshine and the gemstone of prosperity and positive energy. Dissipates negative energy and assists in acquiring wealth. Enhances personal power, creativity, and optimism.

Note: The candle and statue in the decorative kit photo are not included in the kit.

Box sizes: Each box in kit is approximately 2.75" W x 4.25" L x 2" H(A bit longer than the palm of a woman's hand. Inside is a little bigger than a business card.)

Beautifully wrapped in a reusable drawstring cotton bag with twine (shown below). Shipped with blessings and biodegradable packaging. To send as a gift with a hand-written To/From card, just email your "To and From" to liz@tinyaltar.com after you order.


I love my Tiny Altar kit. My Spirit box sits on my altar and my Gratitude box on my window sill above it. I put my worries, fears, prayer requests, and dreams into my Spirit box each week. Once a week I reflect on them—putting those that manifested and released into my Gratitude box.
Jen Trulson
Martha Beck Master Coach, Reiki Master, Oracle Reader




Lovely God boxes. Beautiful idea, beautiful work.
Tosha Silver
Author of Outrageous Openness

I LOVE LOVE LOVE giving your products as gifts. They're always so well made and perfect and make the most beautiful presents.
Linda Sivertsen
Author of Lives Charmed  

Learn more about the Intention + Gratitude kit here



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