Ganesha Wood Print: Blessings of Success & Path Opening

$ 40.00

success.  obstacle removal.  path-opening.

Invite Ganesha's gifts into your life and make sacred space with this blessing wood print. Ganesha is the beloved Hindu elephant god of path opening. He helps your perfect path open up and brings wise, cheerful energy to new ventures and adventures.

This Ganesha blessing print is printed directly onto maple wood (5" x 5" x 1/2"). You can hang it up or stand it on a flat, stable surface. 

A beautiful description card appears on the back, making it a fun, meaningful gift to give.  


  • art print on sustainable maple 5"L x  5" H x 1/2"W 
  • description card

This is a print of original work by Liz Lehman Teal and will be signed on the back. All wood prints arrive blessed and wrapped in twine with biodegradable packaging. 

Made in the USA.


Gorgeous Ganesh...beautiful work!
Tosha Silver, author of Outrageous Openness 

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